Pantallazo Web Kim2

”After being few years dedicating to make surfboards in various garages and backyards and living experimental surfing days to analize the functionality of differents models I created, I have modified each of them to adapt them to SURFTIGER style. Surftiger involves a surfboard collection with designs from the revolutionary age of surfing that have been transformed into something more radical and experimental: not just their fins have been modified, but also their rails, rocker and the whole in general. Permanent evolution and development of the ideas make everything to be different. So, you could acquire a preset model or you can choose to leave my imagination flows from the ideas we have agreed previously, to modify the preset design taking it to its limits, to ensure you will have an unique piece made specially for you with best materials that are available on the market. In conclussion, I would like to show you that other sides of surfing exist and that is posible to separate from standards that are leading surf industry. SURFTIGER brings you the opportunity to live an exclusive and singular experience surfing surfboards which enables you to explore aspects of surfing which were unknown for you until now. Thus, SURFTIGER is the result of my enthusiasm about propelling limits of surfing, about what is new and stranger and about what makes us to think and what tells us something. Thank you very much for your interest and be welcomed!” Kim.

Surftiger Surfboards